• ST-6030 adopts top brand cylinder in order to work stably when it pushing and sealing
  • Special design of the sealing blade makes sealing line deep-set, and avoids the film sticking the cutter
  • The electric spare parts are all top brands in order to make the machine works stably and perform perfectly
  • Covert cylinder enhances the convenience for the operator; pressuring device ensures the product without dithering, even the light ones
  • Adjustable front feeding frame ensure packing different shape products perfectly
  • SM-6040S adopts double motors to blow the hot air reach every corner inside the tunnel to make sure the perfect performance of shrinking
  • Adopts solid steel roller with durable silicone pipe, chain conveying
  • SM-6040SM is a thick shaft roller style, for packing small size product specially
  • The speed of the conveyor is controlled by frequency inverter
  • Shorter length of the tunnel body can save the energy, meantime good performance
  • ST-6030 + SM-6040S is a simple and economic model of the sleeve wrappers series.It uses PE film, easy to operate, just push a button by hand to make the sealing automatic
  • ST-6030 + SM-6040S combines the sealer and tunnel together, saving the working room, suit for the limited area
  • On the two sides of the machine, there are safe covers, to protect operators

  • This machine is widely used in beverage, beer and mineral water with or without tray
  • For shrinking wrap electric appliance, auto spares, furniture and floor board etc

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: