• ST-60030AF adopt advanced double side sealer technical, continues sealing. Product length is unlimited
  • Adopt electric Touch screen, imported OMRON PLC to integrated mechanism with electricity and pneumatic
  • Adopt most advanced side sealing device, wrapper length is unlimited
  • Achieve excellent sealing effect
  • Especially designed for the big and heavy wrapper
  • The sealing line can be set any position of the wrapper. the shrink film thickness 0.03-0.06mm is suitable
  • According to customer request, can add front and back conveyor, and color film locating system
  • SM-8040 adopt double fan motors make the heat air inside the tunnel evenly
  • Different products combination can be sealed perfectly and automatically
  • Closed packing for products to realize water proof and light proof
  • Adopt PE film to meet long distance transport and won't broken after frequent handling
  • Remove the shrinking tunnel. products could be packed by no poison PE shrinking film

Suitable for floor boards, ceramics, furniture, electric appliances or other shapes of products closed shrinking packing

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: