• ST 60030AE+SM6040 which is suitable for shrinking and wrapping all kinds of single row/double row /four rows and in multilayer box. It integrates the double function in tidying and heaping automatically to increase the efficiency too much. the product is looks neatness and compact to ensure its quality and for long term in logistics purpose
  • ST-6030AE which is adopts foreign advanced manufacturing technology, with unique appearance
  • According to request can options front feeding or feed by 90 degree
  • According to different request in production, it can automatically to finish such combination packaging as heap-tidying in 5 layers/4 layers/3 layers/2 layer or in multi-rows, no need additional single mould
  • Adopt OMRON PLC program logical controller to carry out integrative of mechanism/electricity/pneumatically
  • Adopt special design sealing blade, so that the seal is firm, no crack and not easy to stick with blade
  • The feeding system which is adopt belt type transporting, high speed and stable
  • According to request can adopt color film locating systemAdopt import photo electrical system to pitch location exactly
  • SM-6040 adopts double blowing motor to keep airwind dissipated evenly in the tunnel. So that can achieve the better effect after shrinking
  • Feeding by poles chain which selects solid steel pole covered by imported silica gel, durable and bearable high intention for long time use
  • Adopt transducer control the conveying speed. Step less
  • Using imported heat insulating curtain both at the entrance and exit of tunnel to reduce wasting of heat energy
This machine is widely used in packing some commodities such as heat shrink wrapping for collective of soap/toothpaste/stationery and so on Especially in packing of cigarettes from tobacco contribution centre or others packagers in different shape and multilayer

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: