• ST-6030A + SM-6040 automatic sleeve packager is the special design for single product or the things with tray, it can combine with production line, operate the feeding of the product, wrapping the film, sealing the film, shrinking the product, cooling the product together automatically
  • ST-6030A adopts advanced technology and art design; ensure it works stably and reliably
  • Film feeding is controlled by sensors to reduce the waste of the film
  • Omron temperature controller ensures the accuracy of the sealing hot
  • Speed of the feeding conveyor is controlled by a frequency inverter
  • All operation controlled by PLC, integrate with the machine, electricity and gas work smoothly
  • Adopted special design of sealing cutter to make sure sealing line deep-set, avoid film sticking the cutter
  • Conveying belt can set on right or left depends on design and demand
  • SM-6040 adopts double motors to blow the hot air reach every corner inside the tunnel to make sure the perfect performance of shrinking
  • Adjustable heavy cool air ensure the shape of the shrinking perfectly
  • This series of models using hot air circulation shrink, mainly shrink label for bottle-shaped bottle, jars, cups etc.
  • For beverage, beer and mineral water, cans, glass bottles with tray or carton

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: