• Adopt international advanced technology manufacturing, and imported parts, electrical components and pneumatic components
  • With a vertical storage, so that you can add carton at any time, be sure the machine keeps running always
  • It is suitable for one kind carton size at one time, when you need to change a different carton box. it takes about 1-2 minute
  • Reasonable design, synchronous draw forming, folding bottom and bottom sealing a synchronous forming
  • Its body and part performance precision and durable, operation process and no vibration, operation stability, long life span, high efficiency
  • Equipped with blade protection device, avoid operation when he accidentally stabbed
  • It can be used separately, or contact with the production line together
  • This series of models using hot air circulation shrink, mainly shrink label for bottle-shaped bottle, jars, cups etc.
  • For food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries glass bottles, plastic bottles, cups and other containers, bottle or cup body heat shrinkable sleeve label after label

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: