• Designed for packaging bottles with or without a tray, connectable to the production line , auto feeding film wrapping, sealing& cutting, shrinking and cooling. Different packaging modes 
  • State-of-the-art technology and artwork adopted, machine's stability and reliability guaranteed.
  • OMRON PLC adopted to realize the integration of  the machine, electricity and air
  • Imported  advanced manufacturing technology adopted with unique appearance
  • Automatic combination packaging such as heap-tidying in 5 layers/4 layers/3 layers/2 layer or in multi-rows fulfilled without additional moulds.
  • Stable conveying and film feeding  ensured via the adoption of the worm gear reducer, ensure
  • Special sealing blade to prevent film crack and sticking.
  • Optional auto feeding system according to the bottle shape
  • Color code locating system needed to seal color film
  • Precise location via the introduction of the imported photoelectric system
  • The conveying belt can be set on the left or right side according to the customer request
  • Double blowing motors  adopted to dissipate the hot wind uniformly in the tunnel to achieve better effect after shrinking
  • Fed by poles chain which selects solid steel pole covered by imported silica gel,durable and bearable high tension  after long time use
  • Transducer adopted to control the conveying speed; stepless speed changing.
  • Human-oriented designed control box easy to operate

  • This series of models using hot air circulation shrink, mainly shrink label for bottle-shaped bottle, jars, cups etc.
  • For food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries glass bottles, plastic bottles, cups and other containers, bottle or cup body heat shrinkable sleeve label after label

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: