• Sealing part adopt vertical drive. Sealing interface is even vertical drive can overcome the wrinkle from auto L sealer and sealing line is not in the middle of the product and can achieve the excellent effect
  • Adopts PLC, with safety protection and alarm device, ensure its continuous sealing action, with simple maintenance
  • Film in-feeding length controlled by electric eye and timer, accurate control makes letter shrinking
  • There are horizontal and vertical electric eyes, easy to switchover, and also easy to pack the thin and small products
  • Auto remaining film reeling controlled by one motor, the remaining film will not break even if film is too loose or too tight
  • To pack different sizes of products, sealing cutter's up and down controlled by a motor, the operator just need to press the button
  • Blowing system is optional according to the size of packagers
  • SM-5030LX adopts down blowing system, and wind force is controlled by a frequency inverter
  • Conveyor is controlled by a frequency inverter, and conveying speed is adjustable
  • The cover on the top of the tunnel is open-able, and easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • With a visible window, you can see the whole shrink processing
  • In-feed power conveyor belt and out-feed roller conveyor belt is optional

  • This series of models using hot air circulation shrink, mainly shrink label for bottle-shaped bottle, jars, cups etc.
  • For food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries glass bottles, plastic bottles, cups and other containers, bottle or cup body heat shrinkable sleeve label after label

Model selection:

FP560A FP660A FP340A FP562A FP560A

Packaging effect: